About Us

The mission of SwaddlingResearch.org is to aggregate and publish peer reviewed swaddling research to help medical professionals, policy makers, media, educators, and parents make informed decisions.

We believe that safe swaddling is an important calming technique and when done correctly can help reduce the incidence of SIDS, post-partum depression, shaken baby syndrome, parental exhaustion and frustration, and unsafe sleeping practices.

Swaddling is one of the world’s oldest baby care traditions. As medical professionals and researchers strive to understand how to reduce infant mortality and improve family health during baby’s first year, many experts are reviewing the potential public health benefits that swaddling offers new parents through its ability to comfort infants and promote their sleep.

As with many infant interventions – like breastfeeding or infant car restraint use – parent education is highly valuable. Parents must be taught the principles of safe swaddling, including the importance of avoiding: stomach sleeping, overheating, excessively extended and adducted hips, loose or bulky blankets, etc.

We hope our efforts to aggregate pertinent research will help parents balance the unsupported opinions presented on blogs and web sites; help baby product manufacturers design better products and craft more evidence-based marketing materials; and help medical professionals and other influencers encourage scientifically sound policies and programs regarding the practice of safe swaddling.

We invite visitors to submit science-based reviews and peer reviewed studies to enhance this archive. Thank you.

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